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COlt M4 Full Metal

Hop up.. Hmm. If I open it again I leave more scratches. I will look into on the weekend when I have more time. The forst 95M spring change was a real 4 hours deal. A second time I did it to 105M in about 1 hour by:
I enalged one of the gearbox back rectagular openings towards end, and I pulled th spring tru there. Gearbox looks kind of ugly but still firm. I was also suprised that the gearbox had metal shims and metal busssings. Pretty good kingarms gear.

I also bought for 60$ a second gear-box, just in case I screw the original one, as well metal and shimmed from airsoftdepot.
That one was a hassle to adapt because the wiring came out on the back of the handler, and I had to redirect them to the
front. Finally I got the job done.

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