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Originally Posted by Fortyeiight View Post
As well this is for Pestobanana, i see you have a CA M14, would you go back and instead buy a G&G m14 if you had the chance?
No, after handling both CA and G&G, and seeing the internal build quality of both guns I got the CA because it is much sturdier externally, has Springfield Armory trades and had a better looking paint job. The G&G is externally inferior, lacks trades and has a shinier paint job.

Internally, G&G has a better piston head, piston and cylinder head combination. G&G also comes with a tightbore barrel. Although most people say CA has a terrible hop up rubber, the G&G one I handled was worse.

I chose the CA because I knew I would be doing heavy internal upgrading, which would nullify any advantage going G&G would have offered me, so I picked the one that was better externally. I do not regret my choice. Hope this helps you make your choice.
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