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Originally Posted by mzo View Post
If the Echo 1 Redstar AK RIS is the same as the CYMA AKM in overall quality then would it make more sense to get the Echo 1 since it has rails?
That really depends if you need those rails... I don't think they are very useful, at least not to me.

It is a assault rifle so you don't need a bipod, it has fixed stock so you don't need battery box (like some people use on their ARs) either. Maybe a light for night games, or a vertical grip, but I found these two things not really necessary, especially on AKs, which have a foregrip pretty comfortable to hold without using a vertical grip. I even have to buy rail covers to cover the unused rails in some of my guns, so I don't scratch my hands on them in a hurry.

But if you like the rails, why not.
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