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As an AK fanatic I have to chime in. I own RS Type 56, RS Type 56-1, DBoys steel AKS74u, DBoys steel AKS74, LCT RPK, and LCT AK74MN. I also have a frankengun AK105. Yes I have a problem, and admitting it is the first step.

I have 3 CYMA AKS74u that I rent to new players wanting to try out the game. 2 of the fellows in our group have G&G and one a Classic Army SLR105. I gundoc and have worked on all of the aforementioned AEGs.

Hands down Real Sword Type 56 my favourite AEG. Used it as my primary for 2 years, used the frankengun AK105 before that. Las season I got the LCT AK74MN and it is my new primary.

I would NEVER recommend the G&G AK47 to anyone. For the money you pay it is not worth it, and both of the fellows that have them here have had broken external parts. Classic Army steel SLR105 or steel SLR are decent, but on the expensive side for what you are getting. DBoys steel version (make sure it is the STEEL version) is good if you can find them. A bit of tuning in the mechbox with airseal components and you are good to go, quite robust. If you look at my list you will see that I DO NOT have an AKM. I have coveted one for a while, but if I am going to stay married, I must resist. If I was to buy one though, it would be the CYMA 048 model. CYMA makes several different models of AKM, and othe AKs with different qualities of materials. I know of one Canadian retailer that has this AEG in stock right now for $260.

Hope this is of some value.
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