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I will apologize ahead of time and add my question to this thread instead of starting a new very similar thread.

I also want to get an AK (don't care if it is ak47, ak74 or akm) for outside gaming but cannot decide between what's available: CYMA, Echo 1 Redstar, Cybergun and G&G.
I realize that Real Sword, VFC and LCT are the best options but they are above my budget of $300.

So from CYMA, Echo 1 Redstar, Cybergun and G&G which AK (stock/out of the box) is:
-most durable (on average last longer before needing repairs)
-most available upgrade parts (I will be using a gun doc to upgrade)
-works well with other AK mags

Currently I'm leaning towards the Echo 1 Redstar AK RIS or CYMA AKM (CM 048M)

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