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Lets all remember that an m14 will never be a sniper rifle.
The biggest reason is you will perety much never be able to use it if it is above 400fps (in some cases 450 for semi auto dmr will be aloud but most likely not)
With a bolt action and certification you can go up to 550 with lvl3 cert.
What does this mean? Well it means with your m14 @400fps you can prolly run a .30 bb and with a good hop up and barrel you can probably hit targets out to 200 feet or so maybe even 250 tho itll be hard for them to feel the hit.
with a bolt action firing 500 (lvl2 like i use) you can run .40 or .43 bbs and hit targets out to 300feet anr beyond and the bb will still have enough energy for the target to feel it and you will be more consistant shot to shot so you will almost always hit what you are aiming for (provided you can shoot and your have a good hop up and barrel)
that said the m14 is probably one or the better choices for a dmr platform and if u use it with a scope stay prone alot even wear a ghilli suit you can effectivly be a shorter range sniper or even more probably be a counter sniper as you can be more mobile stay hidden and have faster follow uo shots plus if you get into the heat of things you can actually put up a fight against the rest of the folks with aegs.
now that ive said all that let me state im glad you this isnt another "ima uberr leet noob and im gonna be a counterstrike sniper cause its cool" threads, you have made a wise choice selecting an aeg for a first gun and even wiser choosing something that can be an "intro" to what sniping could be like befor you jump right into it and buy a bolt action and find out you cant do it, its boring or you just plain dont like layin motionless in the mud all day and not getting any kills just bein an information relayer to your team. Read some reviews and buy a good quality m14 and im sure you can enjoy both the sniper and assult role.
welcom to airsoft and welcome to asc and thanks for making a good thread insted of the regular "ima uber leet sniper" type threads we see far to many of lol.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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