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Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
Well, you can easily just slap a low magnification scope on your M14, upgrade the hop up and barrel and you generally should be good for a 'DMR' style setup. The AEG will not achieve the same accuracy as a bolt action would, but its really debatable at the ranges you operate in an airsoft game.

Just buy a quality M14 and start from there.

The sniper role in airsoft is really, really fantasized by a lot of people. Its not as exciting as some people might deem it, it really depends on the ability and mindset of the individual to take up that role 'effectively'.

I bought a CYMA M14 EBR and have been turning it into a DMR/Sniper. As mentioned above, it will cost you a lot to get it upgraded. The M14 is also the biggest pain in the ass to take apart and work on. It has 10x more parts than anything else I've seen. Evike has a great video on it.

If you're willing to look past all that, then by all means, go for it. You should check out the reviews on this site, there are some great M14 ones. To me, the M14 is great cause you can upgrade it to fill a DMR type role, but at the same time, it still has automatic fire and can function as just a rifle. Damn thing is REALLY heavy though - the CYMA at least. :tup:
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