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Well nes is like
150 for pistol
200 for cnc steel slide n barrel set
30 each for mags so 180
So 530 prolly resell for 400 depending what kind of shape its in and how much use its had.
Keep in mind on intruder a steel slide n barrel set is 300 on ehobby its 180
The mags are 29.99 at most places the pistol is 119-149 depemding where you look
The factor that makes it not devalue too much is that its prety hard to get a full black tm pistol herd due to the import laws (most tm stuff here has smoked frames now)
All those factors id say that 400 is more then fair as one could build the pistol brand new with mags for 600 or less just gettin the pistol itself would be a pain in the arse.
Im sure some would dissagree and maybe think its worth more but i think based on market value for the parts that comprise what you have dictate that 400 is a fair price.
And no im not biased as i dont wann buy it or anything but im sure someone would scoop it up prety fast at that price all the oldschoolers love their TM stuff as do i.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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