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OK assuming that NOTL stands for Niagara on the lake and not North of the line or some other thing. Then Cooney had an age verification event 4 days ago in hamilton which is an hours drive from NOTL. Cooney takes his verifications seriously and i guarantee you follows through. Reading your post though That doesn't seem to be the problem, you are alleging that you have met an age verifier , shown your id, jumped threw the hoops waited patiently and... nothing. I would be very frustrated if that happened to me and by the second time i would be keeping track of who,where, etc. SO we are all friends here .. Lets have it-be specific who and when and where did you meet? If there's an age verifier not pulling their weight, let's hear about it.
Also if you think of a better way to do age verifying spit it out.
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