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Thanks everyone for the suggestion. I guess I should have also mentioned that $400 was just the budget for the gun and I do plan on spending more on parts and mags later. I do not plan on gaming with it until I get a few more things for it yet, but do want something that will work out of the box so I cab better understand the internals.

It looks like I am leaning in favour of the WE right now. But I have heard that their mags leak. Can someone let me know if they fixed that yet?
Gen2 Mags are supposed to be much better than first gen; I have a few Gen1 mags that leaks, bought conversion kit to Gen2 (20$ each) to fix that up, we'll see how this goes. It doesn't mean that they won't ever leak though, as most mag will eventually leak at some point.

KWA's pistol mags are pretty solid in that regard; Never had any that leak, and I have yet to hear about people having issues with them. Their LM4 Mags tend to have leaks though, but not as bad as WE's as they are often located in the valve. Just tightening the valve and/or lubing the valve's o-ring usually fix the issues.

I *think* WE's Gen2 Mags are similar in design to KWA's when it comes to the gas chamber and gaskets, so....
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Real life comparison,

GBBR- bang bang -- Giggle

AEG-- merrrzip merrzip -- meh
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