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Originally Posted by Reaver_RRTS View Post
Power-wise the gun shoots hot, so higher weight bbs would drop it but only if I use .4's or higher would it be below 500 (meaning I have to get my lvl 2 sniper cert. just to use this thing unless there's a lower power spring i can throw in there).

Using a heavier bb only reduces the fps of the bb. It does not reduce the impact energy.

Getting your level 2 does not instantly give you the right to shoot at 500fps. It gives your the permission to use a 500fps weapon if and only if the field owner allows it, the host allows it and if you are not veto'd at the field by your peers!

Originally Posted by Reaver_RRTS View Post
I know hpa is much better, but a quick change co2 adapter attached to a regulator would be far more compact…. might be able to squeeze it into the stock perhaps? thoughts/comments?
It might seem more compact but now you need to carry several CO2 canisters onto the field then keep track of and carry out the empties. They can get noisy too clanging around in your pockets.

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