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That's true……. alright, aside from the very expensive polarstar kit, i saw some G96's with a quick disconnect hpa adapter on the magazine itself. At a guess they drilled/tapped the magazine. I have a small hpa tank as well as a remote line from paintball i could use so that saves some money… and I'm sure i could get the parts from the local hardware stores. My question then, is the regulators. The tank obviously has one, but the system would need at least one more wouldn't it? These magazines can't hold the same pressure as a paintball marker.
right youll need a 5-200psi regulator in line between the other regulator and the mag, you can go with higher but you wont need more then 200 psi and itll give u a safety margin incase u turn it up all the way the mag wont burst.

check the link i posted earlyer to see what you need to build a kit, seems you have the expensive stuff, youll just need to tap the mag a cpl of quick connectors, the list is complete and you can just remkve from the list the stuff you alrdy have
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