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well i love the gun, and I'm a "long range combatant" anyway, even in paintball. But i'm not going to spend 500 bucks on the polarstar kit, thats worth more than the G96 and I could easily use that money to simply buy the F2000 or PDR-C. Appreciate the suggestion, but that's not a viable option for me.

I was looking at upgrading the barrel/hop-up prior to inquiring about the HPA set up, would that help? I could simply use the G96 for warmer weather games and my other marker (when i get one atm its a VA MP5A2) for colder weather/cqc games…
i wouldnt complain too much about 500 bucks, any spring sniper rifle you buy (l96 vsr10) will take 600-100 bucks worth of upgrades to be useable as a sniper weapon otherwise its just a crappy gun with no rate of fire and the same range as an aeg.
the g96 sniper rifle is no different, in stock form it womt really out shoot an aeg and it doesnt have much for upgrades.
(dont know why but i read as g36 when i started posting i thought you wer talkin about a gbbr not a bolt action lol, goin to a hpa setup with the g96 is just about the best way to make it a usefull sniper rifle
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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