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Originally Posted by Nickaayyy View Post
Thats may be a stupid question, but why didn't they not do an HPA mags? Is it because the pressure is too high for the mags and gonna be too dangerous? Is there someone who tried?
Main problem is the material and cost.

Modern GBB uses liquid propellent (because you can store greater amount in liquid state than gas) The resovoir store is made of cast zinc aluminium (some are CNC after cast)
The issue with these two statement means you cannot store HPA viablily in the current mag.
If you store at 150psi you would get like 3 shots (1 perfect fps, 1 significantly reduce, and third barely cycle)
If you store at the typical 3000/4500psi, the mag will explode due to material. (I've a gas mag blown up when pressure exceed 200psi)

CO2 & HPA tank (paintball tank for example) only has one opening for a reason, reduce failure points. Hypathetically speaking, you could make a non-12g CO2 or HPA mag. however, the cost would be astronomically unfeasible.
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