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Originally Posted by aaroffy View Post
Well I must say as a newb and having gone through all 15 pages of this post I have learnt a great deal. I have a photography hobby and most of the problems here are the same on the photography forums. Thanks to all the experienced players that give your advice, can't wait to meet you out at an event.
Quick question, I was planning to go to ultimate airsoft to try it out this weekend but my real interest lies in outdoor gameplay. Would the cqb give a good introduction? Mainly I was considering it to be able to rent as I decide on my kit
You will probably find that CQB is the perfect introductory primer. Starting outdoors, if you are not aggressive you may find yourself hanging back a bit, making it difficult to "test the waters", get shot, and confirm a kill or two. In CQB, you are forced to be more aggressive, like or not... you're going to eventually have a toe to toe fight. CQB just speeds that whole process up, and erases any illusions of fear a new player may have about wanting to see what it's like to get "lit up" at close range.
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