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an example would be, if you wer going to to to the US to play a game there the first thing you would have to to is put blaze orange "tips" on your guns, i think the need to be a minimum of 1inch of orange, most folks would just put an orange flash hider on their rifles, also i think it has to be "permanent" s some loctite or glue would be needed so the us border guys cant just unscrew it by hand.
Please do not give out incorrect information. There is no requirement here in the US to have an orange tip on a gun that you own or do not intend to sell.

Knowing the exact country that the OP wishes to go to would help to give accurate information about airsoft within that country.

Also note that if you transit or stop in a country while traveling en-route to your European destination, you would also have to abide by that country's laws as well.

There are many of us here on ASC that travel internationally outside of Canada and outside of the USA with airsoft and are glad to help out.
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