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Smile WE vs TM Glock 18c

Hi everyone.
I'm obviously new to forum, so nice to be here!

This a very newbie question so I thought I would try to post it here as I can't seem to find a clear answer to it.

I am looking to buy a Glock 18c Airsoft GBB pistol.
From all I have read, the top 2 contenders are:
Tokyo Marui Glock 18c
WE Glock 18c

The Pluses so far for the WE is the much lower price and fact that it comes with a metal slide and outer barrel and the materials used have been reviewed well. About $250 for all that seems great.
The Minuses I can see is that WE does not have the Glock markings on the slide or the base.

For the TM the pluses are the "reputation" of being the best.
The Minuses are that fact that it is all plastic and cost $300+. If I add in the metal slide and barrel upgrade plus recoil spring, I am looking at $450+ total!

I have read good things about the WE Gen4 Glocks, but I have yet to see a head to head comparison of the 2 guns. If in the end the internals are comparable and the durability is about the same. Then it would just come down to paying for the official Glock markings? $200+ is big difference.

What is the prevailing opinion?
Any Help appreciated!
All the best
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