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Academy Airsoft.

I need some help. I know Academy is not the best choice of Airsoft guns. The l85 a1 is kind of famous for being sub standard.

Since I am in South Korea and Academy is Korean. I read some reviews about the L85 A1, its not all that bad but its definetly the best choice. The L85 is like the first gun they have ever made, the other guns are newer designs. Academy actually has a lot of guns, it has bunch of armalites and Mp5's and I was wandering if any one has ever used/seen or read a review about one. My yank coworker is interested in picking one up, he wanted to know if there are any reviews. Plus they are cheap here. I can pick up an Academy AEG for less the 150 bucks. Any one have any experience with the said Academy armalites and mp5's?

I just spent some time in a hobby store and picked up couple Academy model kits and I must say they are TOP notch best I have seen. I went to Japan recently and picked up a kit there and its not half as good plus it was twice as much. Academy also make really damn good model springers I held one and I got to admit it was very solid and esthetically pleasing and only about 45 dollars. Academy hand gun springers are damn good too, they look very realy and are quite heavy and they are usually under 10 dollars. I am thinking of picking up a kit springer just to play around with.

How could I get an important licence for replicas, I tried looking for some relevant stuff but I couldn't find any. (Seems no one imports Academy stuff)
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