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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
wow 3-4 bags of bbs, are u running a saw?
with my 249 I carry an extra 2500 round box plus 2 bags
or 4 bags without the extra box.
I like to have at least 9,000 rounds on me at all times lol
Plus an extra 4-6 bags in my ruck
I always overdo the ammo part though, usually have 4 bags left when I finish with the 249, but rather have too much ammo than not enough!

I've gone to maaaaany a 24 hour milsim, here's what I pack;

- 3L camelbak, plus extra 3-5L in my ruck. You can either drink water, or straight gatorade G2. I never had any dehydration headaches drinking G2 and I'm REALLY active during long ops.
-Jerky. Need protein. Protein bars, oatmeal bars, 2x 5hr energy, and 3-4 IMPs. Remember to stick to light carbs and fructose. Stay away from glucose and sucrose.

Primary rifle, backup gun
10bags of ammo for the SAW, 4 for the PTW
Batteries - You should probably have at least 4000mah worth to last you through the day
Mags - used to carry 16x68rnds, now just 8x120rnds (PTW thing), or 2 2500rnd box mags incase one fails, which they do fail when you run them off a 3s lipo.
propane if I have my GBB
great big knife. Cause you do need it sometimes.

PLATE CARRIER. Because they put foam where the kevlar should be, it keeps you WAY warmer than a flimsy cotton/mesh vest.
Red light for dead rag at night
Dead rag
Clear and red lens glasses
Night vision
softshell jacket - for cutting wind and 70% of rain (need some rain to cool you off)
thermal shirt for warmth at night.....cause who has time to break out a sleeping bag?
at least 4 changes of wool socks
a compressed towel, cause you always need a towel
And of course a really awesome wouxun radio with high gain antenna
usually goretex socks if i know it'll be wet
....boonie hat

You don't need much for actual survival gear, it's not like survivor where you're out there for a whole week. I used to have a sterno cook stove and sleeping kit the first two 24 hr games i went to. The stove is useful if you don't have a thermal shirt. And I never ended up using the sleeping kit.

But the most important part.... BE IN GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION
If you can't hack a 6hr op, no way you'll do 18-24. And it really does take a LOT out of you
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