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Originally Posted by mike_sinyard View Post
Wow that's alot of stuff. You guys have covered most of it. Just a few more questions
1. Do we have a base camp usually where we can leave our spare gear ie. backup gun. Camp stove. Tent. Food. Would clear up alot of things if the answer is yes
2. 3-10 liters of extra water??? How do u carry 10 liters of water unless the answer to question 1 is yes.

Originally Posted by mike_sinyard View Post
3. Sleeping bags?? For an 18 hour sim when are you going to sleep? Or why really. I mean you start at what? 8-10am and finish around 2-4am. Just stay awake. Battle. Play. Run hard. If it was like 30-40 hours i could see why
Milsims are more like start at noon and finish at 8am, then try to drive home without killing yourself. Sleep is necessary. (At least, the older you get it is....)
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