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Following rough checklist for civil hornet in march:

- 3L water in a camelbak + additional 3-10L, and/or a few gatorade
- small camp stove/jetboil with mountain house meals - or whatever you want to eat for dinner
- food/snacks you can stuff in mag pouches for during the day e.g. cliff bars and jerky

- a tent (for you)
- a tarp (for gear or shade) + pegs/cordage
- warm sleeping bag
- thermarest/foam pad
- folding camp chair
- changes of clothes/socks/boots
- change of gloves!
- extra fleece
- extra super warm jacket
- goretex/rain gear
- sunscreen

- Primary blaster
- Optional backup blaster for when the primary shits the bed (murphey's law of airsoft)
- 1-2 bags bb's
- Weaponlight
- small flashlight or helmet light with red filter
- red LED glowstick from crappy tire/mark's
- backup goggles/shooting glasses
- mesh face mask if you like your teeth
- first aid kit
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