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Thanks for the responses. I'm thinking of moving to Switzerland, where importing airsoft guns is easy - I would just need to apply for a kind of temporary license that lets you bring up to 3 guns in the country at once. It costs around 70 bucks and is easy to acquire (very little prerequisites to meet).

I'm more concerned about what I'd need to do to get the guns past Canadian customs on the way out.
as far a i know our customs doesnt check anthing on the way out each contrys customs check stuff as it enters, think of when youtae a trip to say mexico, when you leave you just clear security to make sure u dont have a bomb or gun or knife, when you arrive in mexico you "declare" what you have to customs, when u leave its the same, checked for bombs n such in mexico but when u arrive back in canada the wanna know about any food smokes drugs knives and so on that you are importing. So idsay if you know the laws are lax for importong airsoft to where you are moving you either have to pack it in you luggage (not your carry on obviously) or even safer mail it to yourself.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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