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Exporting Airsoft

EDIT: To clarify, since my post below was confusing (sorry about that!), I'd like to ship guns from Canada to Europe and I'd like to know how to legally get airsoft guns through Canadian customs on the way out.

For the little backstory, I'm considering moving to Europe some time in the future but if I do move there I would really want to keep my gear (what can I say, my loyal guns mean a lot to me!).

I'm looking for advice about exporting airsoft guns and parts out of Canada. I did some research online (including reading the FAQs here) but there's information I could not find anywhere, hopefully someone might know the answers. I know after the matter of exporting the guns would come the matter of importing them in the next country, but for now I'm just focusing on the export issue.

Mainly, I'd like to know if there are significant differences between what can/can't be imported and what can/can't be exported. Most of the information I found only addresses importation of airsoft. Note that I'm only talking about a couple of guns here, 2 or 3 at most. This is not like I'm trying to start a business of selling airsoft guns from Canada abroad.

For instance, can I just ship an airsoft gun out of the country or are there some requirements to fulfill?

I'm under the impression that exporting airsoft guns might be possible provided that the person exporting the guns has a firearm export permit. However, the information I could find indicates that only a business can acquire such a permit. Are there any shipping companies in Canada that would be able to legally ship airsoft guns out of the country?

I'm also wondering about spare airsoft gun parts: can these be exported easily or are there requirements for these as well?
I found a FAQ that lists parts that are prohibited to import ( ) but I'm wondering if export of these items is prohibited as well.

Lastly, if anyone has had to export airsoft guns and parts and could share their experience, or if anyone could provide advice how I could get my guns out of Canada without too much hassle, this would be very appreciated.

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