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some folks just munch on the run, most sims you wont gunning the whole 18 or 24 hours, the command will assign you to do stuff like patroll or go hear find this and so on, there will ne times you are back at base camp you can take 15-30 min to grab some food. Than of course youll have some time to sleep and such you can eat then, the way mre's are you can really just stoo on yer patroll and load one into a heater pac throw it back into yer bag or dump pouch and then grab it when its heated and eat it up with the included spoon just dont litter yer crap around pac it back up.

as for how many to eat, there is enough calories in one MRE to feed you for a day, tho you wont really feeo full youll have energy. Ill give you an example of one that i have handy.
pork saussage patty x2(like at mcdonalds)
and a hashbrown type thing
it also has a "craker" thing its baisicly like a dry bread
has jam
peanut butter
hot/cold chocolate drink
two lime "sport drinks"
two instant coffee
small pack of oreos 4 cookies
Some gum (chiclet style x2)
a hard candy (red n white mint thing)
and a few lil other bits i missed im sure.

they pac alot of crap in a lil box/bag.
just be sure you ask around to find out what ones to buy some of em are good for nothin but the bread coffee snack n such
the entree itself is horrible a good examle would be the eggs, if you want breakfast get oatmeal lol.
good dinner is salsbury steak
ane chicken fajitas spaghettie n meatballs is doable,
more dinnes are good compared to breakfast
and the ones seald in a clear vacumme bag are the "cavillian" ones lotta those one are better then the older "issue" ones in the brown "paper bag" type wrap but the newish like 2008-2012 menu are much beter then the pre 2008 menu.
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