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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
wow 3-4 bags of bbs, are u running a saw?
yes as many mags you have the beter then you wont have to reload the mags you have used.
youll need food, at least 1 mre per day two is beter, mre heater or propane burner and a pot to heat the mre's and make coffee or tea,
a tent to sleep in and store gear in, extra socks, underwear, tooth brush, a garbage bag or two, lots of water, bug spray if the bugs bug you lol.
if yer boots arent either fast drying(like jungle boots) or goretex then extra boots.
if its a 24 hr game and youlo camp the night befor and after i suggest a cooler witu a nice steak to eat the night befor and bacon and eggs for the next day (i also suggest bringin an extra three or four pounds of bacon yer teammates will love you for it) and lots of instant coffee tea and sugar and whitener, (for you and to offer teammates) and any lil snacks like granola bars or power bars or whatever you may like to munch on (tho i personally bring the steak and bacon and eggs and then just use what comes in the mre's for the rest, they always have a snack and either bread or a "craker" type thing an PB and/or Jam so there is enough snacks to munch on
THANKS great info.. see didnt think about all that.. Sorry about the bb question lol. im just running an m4 I have no idea how much ammo your gunna go through in 18 hours.
but as for food.. nice info.. I think two mre's would be more appropriate since im used to eating every 2 hours its gunna be a change out there only eating 2-3 times in 18 hours.. but again its only once in awhile.

just curious because in the vids i seen for frmsc nightfall 1 only a few individuals had packs on... so whats up with that??

Are there break times where everyone eats or are some peole starving themselves??
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