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What to pack for a 18hr milsim???

I dont plan on going to any 18-24hr milsims for a little while. not until ive got a full uniform. Im just curious what kind of gear you would pack? i have read the newbie guide and it does say what to pack for a game, but im talkin 18 hours here.

So obv you need your:
battery - How many?? are there breaks in an milsim? charging stations? im going to assume no, so 3-5 batteries or what?
-eye pro

-bbs- 3-4 bags???
mags. Now ive got 3 mid caps but im gunna say you need alot. atleast 6-10

vest, dump pouch,
Glowsticks?? how many?
kill rags?? just a red bandana, cloth or old tshirt
good boots
a helmet??? everyone in the vids ive seen for.. lets say frmsc nightfall.. are wearing nice helmets and matching uniforms.
comms-- seems everyone is going to need a good radio since alot of teamwork, movement and coordination is over the radio.
some form of water bottle or camel back.. im assuming for an 18 hour your going to need a good camelback

food is another subject.. is there a lunch in the middle of these sims?? or are we going to need a pack to carry small lunches and snacks to keep our juices flowing throughout the day?
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