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Well since everyones looking at this thread, everyone does it different but here's how I shim a gun;
remove all the internals
put a .1-.3mm shim under the spur gear, then shim it from the top
I just close the mechbox shell and hold it shut myself, and check for axial play and if the gear spins freely
then remove the spur gear
throw a .4-.5mm shim under the bevel and sector gear, and I shim those at the same time
Then throw the whole set in, close the mechbox and put 3 screws in, then check to see if the whole set spins freely

Also important to note, once you re-assemble the mechbox, push back on the air nozzle to see if it moves back and forth freely, just incase you shimmed the sector gear too far into the tappet plate.

And speaking of that, I came in right when everyone was making the switch to NiMH, and the word was to always put stock parts in your gun. Our gunsmithing knowledge was crap back then lol
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