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I never used a ghillie, just cover, and stayed in people's blind spots. Thought I was always more of a hunter than a sniper.
Most people who want to be a sniper don't understand that the sniper's primary role is actually recon and observation. Which sucks. lol
Also 90% of the snipers I've seen in action were totally useless to their team. They'd just go off and do whatever and not contribute anything to what the team was doing.

Problem with teams in Mb/good players is they never stick around for more than 2 years lol
Every year there's a new hot team, and the old one fizzles away. The most successful/longest running teams so far have been wolfpack WBAT and the bootnecks.
And that comes from a combo of longevity, consistent player base, attendance of local and national games and organization

And you see evidence of that at claybank. A huge national game, literally right next door only 7 hours away, and less than a handful of manitobans showed up. We may have actually had more players from ontario and BC show up to claybank than Mb.
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