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well once you open the grarbox anytime the shimming shoild be checked and adjusted if needed, i hope you at least put the shimms back exactly as they wer when you put it all back together.
useually when you open it up youll first assemble it without the spring and pistin and test that the gears spin freely and dont wobble side to side befor final assembly
rereading my previous posts i may have came across as sayin you dont need shims, u do need shims i was meaning you dont really need to open up most new gearboxes to adjust the shim job.
Thanks Hectic. Yeah when i went back to the store I broke down the gun with them and then put it back together while they watched. I was fortunate enough to get some little tips here and there. But no means am I a pro at this, its just something that I had to learn to do. Just figured that if I am going to play this game I should at least understand how these guns work.
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