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Originally Posted by Doombringer View Post
Yeah... no that won't work neither. You will have to wait until you are 18+ to access the Age Restricted section.

Same thing as buying alcohol and/or cigarettes, even if your daddy signs a waiver, they won't sell it to you. You have to wait until you're 18.

In the mean time, read a shit ton about Airsoft, try to know everything there is to know about the sport and all.
I don't think the waiver has anything to do with ASC. It sounds like he is referring to a waiver to play at a venue.

The snarky old bastard side of me thinks he threw that in there to say, "Hey, I'm gonna play airsoft anyway." Which would be fine, as playing the game has nothing to do with ASC AV specifically...

But I don't want to make assumptions. Well, I want to, but I shouldn't.
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