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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
team ThunderCactus
lol poor you doin all the work, maybe it is time to branch off, run a bolt actiom and a small aeg l, move swiftly and with stealth and just pwn the whole field, both teams.
WELL... anyone who's been to claybank 2-4 has probably seen me in action
Local skill has a lot to do with it though. Games are much more competitive now, but a few years back there was one season where I went the first 3 games of the year without getting shot once. Just makes me feel horrible, not to insult anyone but it was like playing a minor league. I want to play with others at my skill level you know? Best game I ever played was in brooks, hosted by swatt. Was around 30 people, all hardcore vets. It was so damn hard to get kills and stay alive lol

Sold the bolt rifle though, its a fun toy to play with at scrims but its not a gun for big ops.
And for the record the team has 2 members!
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