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Teams, as a properly organized group have actually contributed more to the Airsoft community than individuals. Individuals inside a Team have a support structure that gets goal accomplished.
In a current example the upcoming TAC13 is spearheaded by Brian and labourisly supported by Team Ghost.
Wolf Pack has put a lot of early years work into developing Fields and through them grown a player base of what is now "Old Guys" that help the Airsoft community today. Teams will draw drama as part of the growth but that's because your affecting the community.
Thats not to say that individuals cannot contribute, there are Business fields and mentors run by independant players who make huge contibutions to the ASC community. But I think if you asked them they could readily point out Teams that have supported them, Like SnowDragons, Team Kill Force, TWATs, Ceasers Ghosts.
If you want to be more effective on field, train with your friends. When you want to affect the community, give it a name.

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