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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Honestly if you're not pushing your gears very hard, they can run loose for a long time. It's more critical in helical gears since the nature of their meshing causes axial force.
But if shimming gears didn't improve performance, we wouldn't try so hard to get it perfect in industrial applications.

Pretty much what he said.

I would say the majority of players using guns firing in the low 300s are going to happily continue firing those guns for a long time.

It's when someone like myself or ThunderCactus comes along and poisons their mind with phrases such as "damn, you should really shim those gears, they sound like a dying cat being dragged down the street" that people's hands start to get itchy and they start opening up their gearboxes. Then the arms race for perfection begins. Which I completely endorse

On the other hand, there are a lot of guns being sold that out of the box are starved for torque, poorly-shimmed and are pushing "Canadian import legal" (i.e. >370fps) springs, so out of the box the "what should I do to make this gun shoot well" discussion begins.

Shimming is an important part of that discussion but so is either downgrading the spring or upgrading the power. Hence, again, people like us who are preaching balancing your AEG system with all the usual bullet points.
"Mah check"

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