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I thought i was on a team, but then i was told we were just friends....

On a serious note, here in Ontario we have a ton of teams that function very well together (Ghost, MSF, Force Recon, C.O.C.K to name afew) and show a great deal of professionalism both on and off the field.

A well run team can really effect a game and sometimes be a deciding factor.

Teams may sometimes be disliked but in my experience most hate twords teams stems from one of two things, 1 guy from that team does something stupid and it blankets the whole group or the team works so well together that they always seem to win and thus frustrate the other side filled with un organized players.

Sound like you have the right idea though for starting a team, the players should be friends first, guys who already play together anyways. Who knows, maybe you can bring balance to the for....i mean BC...
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