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Who here plays on a team?

I'm just curious, like how many of you are in a serious team? casual team? or just with friends?

do you guys have a name? what is it? where did the name influence come from?
do you have a theme?

the reason i ask is after attending airsoft games, i've noticed that "teams" aren't very...popular. I see plenty of people running around on their own, and for those rare "teams" i see, teamwork is non-existent but when it does happen, the command structure and orders are very...questionable...and ultimately it always falls down to the same: every man for himself.

for me, i'm trying to start up my own team, i have 2 other followers with me and we ALWAYS work together no matter what, because lets face it, without teamwork, any airsoft match is always just a stupid deadlock game in which nobody gains any grounds and nobody can win any matches...
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