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A&K Masada compatibility

So I know about the Gearbox in the gun. Everything is okay except the air nozzle. I was wondering more about the hopup. I know the chamber itself is not standard, but I was thinking more about the nob, bucking, and barrel. I'm thinking of using a Madbull setup. I also heard the pinion gear is a little higher then usual. Could I use a different motor (Lonex A1 specifically) but use the A&K pinion gear? I also want to use a mosfet. Not a huge, programmable one, Just one that'll improve trigger response and save trigger contacts. I'm also kind of tempted to but in a lonex drop in Gearbox, and I'm assuming it will fit. I'll use the A&K air nozzle in the Gearbox.

Since I'm starting a thread, I may as well ask:
Are any of the products I'm mentioning red flags? If one of the things have a terrible reputation, or have a better counterpart, feel free to tell me.
Madbull hopup bucking with fishbone nob
Lonex A1 motor
Basic Gunmaster or Gate standard Mosfet
Lonex drop in gearbox.

Please note I'm getting all this stuff from WGC
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