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Black will be fine if your planing on playing indoors, outdoors however it wount work at all.
you will stand out like crazy against a brown tan and green background and hiding in the shaows wont help much either as you will be a noticeable dark black mass within them.
The greenish grey color that armyissue posted in one of his pics will work okay outdoors and indoors and will still give your team that uber1337 tacticool swat type look. Keep in mind most tactical response units done wear black anymore, yes sometimes black vests and gear but mainly the grey/greenish/blueish greys as the found that grey works beter then black as the dont stand out as much
im not sayin dont go with black im just suggesting there are other more versatile options to consider.
woodland is dirt cheap but keep in mind woodland gear like pouches and modular chest rigs vests and such are becoming harder to come by as it gets older, and the fact that there wasnt a whole heap of modular stuff made in woodland, as stuff became verry modular the US went to ACU and MARPAT and Canada went to CadPat.
Then you got yer ACU that works okay in alot of urban settings and in some outdoor places (Paintball fields and Dead treed areas come to mind) and indoor as well and is easy to find both camo and modular gear for prety cheap cause its not really in use same with desert and woodland MARPAT.
Then you got yer current issue stuffs lil more cash but its whats cool, you got yer CadPat, baby puke... i mean muticam sorry and the new aged stuff like AOR 1&2 and the two types of ATACS, those especially the last two as i said will cost alot more and for the ATACS and AOR there are fewwer bits of kit to go with as its the new shit that no major army is using so the demand for said gear doesnt exist yet so the stuff that you can buy will cost you your first born and left testi.
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