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Warning: do not deal with...

Do not trade or attempt a deal with Anthony Rudkin. It will not end well.

This is what happened:
On November 15th, 2012 Anthony messaged me on Facebook asking what I would like to trade for a sniper rifle of mine.

Originally he had nothing that interested me but was very insistent on getting me to trade with him. On November 20, 2011 he posted that he had a m249 SAW that he wanted to sell.

I then messaged him saying that I would trade him my rifle, a pistol and a custom paint job of his choosing for the m249. All of my items were in perfect running condition and came with all hardware. I was led to believe that the m249 was in working condition as well.

When we met up for the trade on November 23, he showed me the SAW and explained that there was a bolt missing that was easily replaced, that was why the front assembly of the gun would not stay on the rifle. In essence, an non functioning rifle. I took his word that it was working other than the bolt.

On November 24, I took a much closer look at the gun and realized there was much more wrong with it than just a retaining pin. I messaged Anthony back and after some discussion he agreed to help pay for the necessary repairs instead of returning the original guns from the trade.

On November 28, I had scooter Vauto take the gun apart and give me a quote on repairs and parts needed. I forwarded the quote to Anthony on November 30 and we agreed that he would pay for $150 of the bill.

At this point I was told that I would need to wait until after Christmas since he was recently laid off from his job. Understandable, I waited.. In the mean time he continually updates me on the "new" guns he's acquired and gotten. Making me slightly frustrated.

I waited a week after Christmas and asked how the job search was coming. No updates on when I would be seeing any reimbursement.

I finally contacted him February 13, more than 2 months after he had agreed to pay me. I was given the excuse that he was forced to move out of the city due to personal reasons, had entered college and would be unable to pay until after he graduated.

I left him with an ultimatum, either he pays his dues or I would post what has happened to the local Airsoft communities. The fact you've read this should explain what he chose.

For those that care, please do not partake in any dealings with Mr. Rudkin.

Thank you for reading this.
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