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agreed not a huge diff from 6.01-6.03 all "tight bores" are a big improvement over the stock barrels that range from 6.06-6.09 save for a few guns that come with 6.04 stock.
does the l96 have a metal piston?
when my vsr frist slam fired i thought it was sears i replaced them and cleaned everything while i had the gun apart after reassembly it fired a mag or two and slamed agian, turns out it was the piston but in reasembly the sear cought on a non worn out part on the piston, every time it slamed i could rotate the piston amd get a mag or two out of it till ot slaed again, did this about a half dozen times till i replaced the piston, the stock sears wer fine they likely wouldda worn out eventually but the piston was the weakest link i know its a common issue in vsr's but regardless the pdi and laylax pistons are a much better design then the stock ones, they seal better and last long and slide more freely with those two plastic rings they have whitch creates beter shot to shot consistancy.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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