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Originally Posted by Reaver_RRTS View Post
Oh? Okay, well heck if I can upgrade my G96 to be top line, then I'm going to make a list of what to get… although, being new to this stuff what is the "rubber" you're referring to on the hop-up?

-PDI Hop-up chamber
-Prometheus "rubber"?
-madbull python v2 509mm x 6.03mm tightbore
-400fps spring?
-some kind of nub lol
ya the hop up rubber lol
and as for the nub it depends, the l96 may alrdy have a nub ive never torn one down yet, so see how it shoots heavyer rounds and if itbdoesnt have enough hop then youll need to put a nub in it.
the stock spring is probably 400+ alrdy no?
you wont wanna go over 450 (but youll wanna get as close as you can) till you get yer certification for lvl2 500fps
and im not sure what the piston looks like in the l96 but if its plastic/polymer youll wanna change that too itll wear out fast and cause slam firing (where you cock it and the bolt sticks then you try to push it forward and the piston slips off the sear and slams the whole bot assembly forward)
im not sure how the madbull barrels are, im sure there decent but youd be better off with a high end barrel (prbably the seccond or third most expensive part in your gun) either prometheus, EdGi or if pdi makes one im sure its decent as well.
two you can find easy for EdGi they no longer have a website or a us distributor but if you look him up on facebook and send him a msg about what you want he can tell you a price. The VSR barrel is around 100 bucks and ships from the phillipeans so not cheap but they are argueably the best that money can buy, you can choose exactly the length you want so if you have a few more mm to squeeze in you can get the barrel cut longer and as far as i recall they offer bores from 6.04-6.01 and at some point the offered down to 5.98 but those arent somethin youd want, id stick with 6.01-6.03 till you get a feel for sniping and work out what bb's work best for you and such.
The madbull percision bbs are okay for a 5.98 because they are 5.95 .01mm but youlo still get jams and such even in a 6.01 if you dont clean it regularly.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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