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lol towwers also offer no line of escape lol.

as for upgrades you can go Laylax PSS (perfect sniping system) those are my choice of upgrades.
Or you can choose PDI uogrades.
im sure folks are prety much split down the middle on what ones are best, its more of a preference/availability thing.
baisicly ill tell you what i did to my VSR10 you will baisicly want to do the sake thing for all bolt actions anyhow.
i got a pss air seal chamber (hop up unit) i also changed the rubber i think mine is a madbull one and i added a nub i made out of an oring to the hop arm as the setup doesnt use a nub butbi needed more hop for .40 and .43 bbs
pss piston (and i changed the oring to a slightly thicker and larger oring for beter airseal as i have acsess to tonnes of orings)
pss teflon cylender (you can likely make do with the stock one but the teflon one will improve consistancy cause its nice n smooth for the piston to slide through)
i use the stock spring guide and cylender head ill be replacing the spring guide with a bearing one for smoother cocking and more consistant compression cycles when my new rifle comes(thebold rifle is a crappy clone so a better rifle namely a jg/echo 1 to replace my tsd is the only way to increase my consistancy now.
i put a tightbore in it, i think its an edgi or prometheus 6.02
also i made custom barrel spacers out of tape to keep the barrel stable in the outter barrel.
and replaced tue first and seccond sear with deepfire stainless sears cause those will werout or break on you prety fast.
unless its the gas version then i dont know much about upgrading those but gas is a pain to make consistant without an external setup, but thats a whole lot of work
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Hectic....FFS start writing in coherent sentences!!!
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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