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Lol I agree Leth, I tinker all the time with my paintball markers… and sometimes with my PX4 and MP5, and my teammate's AK that he picked up and left in my care for 'safe keeping' XD anyway, since I'm new to airsoft I'm not sure what upgrades to get for markers like the G96, but if I an get some help from you guys for what parts to get to make my sniper the best it can be, then I just have to work on the best I can be lol I'll be keeping that in mind as I play. I've been making a journal log of my play progress, my eliminations vs being eliminated, tactical information I pick up during play (ie first time sniping with the M14 I chose to use a tower and quickly discovered that people look there first for enemies lol so I know now to keep low to the ground where it's harder to detect your presence) as well as a map of the field where I mark common pathways used by players and optimal ambush points.
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