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Originally Posted by Reaver_RRTS View Post
truth be told, this is my first sniper rifle and I've had it for about a month, initially i had a M14 SOCOM aeg with a custom milled rail to allow optic attachment. When i did my first test shoot I forgot that the hop-up needed adjustment, wherein i discovered my first problem - I can't see the bb to track its flight… So i can't figure out where to adjust to compensate. I was firing .25 green bbs indoor (probably why I couldn't see them) but I don't have an area I can just take the rifle to and spend a few hours tinkering with it. Past the hop-up, zeroing isn't difficult, I've zeroed my scopes before and i'm not concerned about that.

Other than that, I'd like distance training to gauge range prior to taking a shot, and I've done a lot of research about mil-dot calculations etc. That much is pretty much practice.
in bold are the only 3 problems you have :P indoors can't be helped at this point so lets look at the ammo. personally i've never seen .25g green bbs unless you mean tracer rounds which i doubt. madbull or bbbastard .36g (they come in green) or .40g (tan/yellow/rays of sunshine) are what you're looking for. i used .30g white bbs in my well l96 (clone.. so what..) and it was a lazerbeam but didnt have the range i was looking for. put in a pdi hop-up chamber, prometheus 450fps+ rubber and a madbull python v2 509mm x 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel and i was rocking .36g bbs with further range.. until i over-compressed my spring.

now i've got a 400fps spring, same hop-up and rubber but .36g bbs were falling short on max hop setting. i took it apart, put in a bigger nub. now on minimal settings its over hopping .36g bbs and i've had to buy .40g and retuned it. back to stock lazerbeam setting but with crazy range (haven't been able to test it yet.. sunday can't get here soon enough).

like hectic said, it's an ever changing configuration especially if you screw something up like i did but GOD is it fun to tinker
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