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ya white bb's are a lil better to see how they fly but most weights in white are gonna be too light for 450+fps youll prolly wanna use .36 or .40 u can zero your scope if you have enough range, if you dont have much range you can still zero it and itll be close for when you get outdoors. Grab some .36 or .40 bbs they will be green or tan and set your scope up at the longest range you have available.
when you get out to a game you can fine tune yer scope and hop up.
i have the same issue, i only have about 50 feet to use to adjust stuff so all the final tune after part swaps and such. What green bbs are you usein .36? If so you can try some .30 you should be able to see em better put just a lil over hop on em and youll be prety close on the .36's.
aside from that there is always fine tuning to be done in the field, temprature really effects hop up, some rubbers more then others but when its cold in most cases the gun will shoot like crap when its moderate itll shoot fine and when really hot itll over hop like crazy, its an everchanging setting on your gun, especially at higer powers and with heavyer ammo. As for scope depending on yer gun is how youll zero it, with mine i got range to about 300ft or so. I set the zero at 200 ft, so closer i aim a lil lowwer further a lil higher, a range estimateing or midot scope works well for compensating for ranges. (i personnaly just use a straight cross hair but some cant swing that.
as for range estimation. Get a friend or familly member to stand at certian ranges from you say 100ft 200ft and 300ft and look at them through your scope ( use it as you would shoot say 3x or 4x or whatever you min zoom is, you dont need more then that for airsoft Then just memorize how a normal/average sized person looks through your scope(mainly how wide there shoulders are thats how youll be able to judge range on folks.

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truth be told, this is my first sniper rifle and I've had it for about a month, initially i had a M14 SOCOM aeg with a custom milled rail to allow optic attachment. When i did my first test shoot I forgot that the hop-up needed adjustment, wherein i discovered my first problem - I can't see the bb to track its flight… So i can't figure out where to adjust to compensate. I was firing .25 green bbs indoor (probably why I couldn't see them) but I don't have an area I can just take the rifle to and spend a few hours tinkering with it. Past the hop-up, zeroing isn't difficult, I've zeroed my scopes before and i'm not concerned about that.

Other than that, I'd like distance training to gauge range prior to taking a shot, and I've done a lot of research about mil-dot calculations etc. That much is pretty much practice.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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