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Team colour inquiry

Ok, guys.

So I was chatting with some people from an airsoft retail store and they're the ones that sent me here. However I was also told that we can't use certain colors for our team uniforms?

Basically my team that is starting up is looking to go in tactical black (not a SWAT unit, but I've had too many encounters where I'm hidden thanks to my black uniform and some friends have had the same and we tagged a guy not ten feet from us.)

So, in regards to bigger games and whatnot, what are the rules? As i'm new to the airsoft world, I've only participated in one Airsoft mega game at adrenaline., so i don't really know what the situation is in regards to permitted colors. If anyone can shed some light on this I'd appreciate it, as I'd like to get the BDUs confirmed and the jersey designed.
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