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Originally Posted by comarius View Post
Finally I got a COLT AEG M4A1 licensed, King Arms Full metal. I am happy with thepurchase and price and performance. Shoots from 10..15 meters (35 feets) on semiauto in a circle of 5 cm diameter with no error margins.
I am really impressed. I guess I have to downsize the spring (I dont know what it means yet, but youtube is big...) because the seller website sais.

This model has been modified to shoot 430-450 fps with a .20gr 6mm BB for the Canadian market. We recommend that you IMMEDIATELY downgrade the spring in this unit to ensure longevity. We do not condone use of this unit (AEG/Gas) shooting at the selling velocity. No warranty's of any kind on any units that have been modified All sales are final. All units have been tested and verified. We are one of the few Airsoft stores in Toronto Selling this ...

Thx for all your advise. I was using my setup search engine to get a cool price gunsair

just means you need to change the spring to a weaker one. different springs are different strengths. stronger springs shoot further however many of them do not condone to the rules of the fields out there.
Many of the fields require 400 and below or even 350 for CQB areas. just bring it to a gun doc and get it downgraded a new spring will cost u less than 10 dollars.

also without upgrading other parts of your gearbox and running a very strong spring will break parts easier. right now all they do to get it across the border with CBSA standards is just a strong spring shoved inside a stock gun that when fired a few times will pass the testing.

anywayz just change spring and u good to play
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