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the first of his issues started when HE opened the gearbox to change a spring. After that he has had nothin but issues.
he took the gun to a gundoc who thought the trigger contact was no good because the gun would dbl feed or shoot 1 bb then not shoot any then shoot 3 ( ive never heard of an electrical issue causing a gun to not feed or to dbl feed) he obviously cant fix it on his own and if after two hours the "gun doc" he chose couldnt find any problem but figured the trigger contnact was causing the issue id say said gun doc probably was a bad choice ( we all know there are alot of "gun docs" who are not gun docs other then they say they are.
he needs a real reputable gun doc to look at his gun befor he goes and breaks something else, he could have just had a gun doc swap his spring at the beginning and saved himself the hassles he is having now.
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