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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
Not entirely true there are a lot of us that shoot RS, shit I went to RS after airsoft and now back to RS, those who don't see the benefit and the fun factor of shooting airsoft and RS are COD and Type A wannabe. where else can you shoot your buddy with a MP5 or a M60 and laugh about it over beer and steak hours later?. quite often the RS guys that I came in contact with are more than eager and enthusiastic to try out airsoft, the only downside to this is the list of explanation to the wife/GF/CFO/CC is very short and often repetetive. So often that the typical nagging of IF YOU COULD HAVE SAVED ALL THE FUNDS SPENT ON YOUR HOBBIES speech is like a music in your ears and over the years some of us myself included have learn the fine art of tuning the speech into music, unfortunately sometime the tuning out don't quite work so well.....SO BE NICE!, buy that flower, take her out to a nice dinner (McD's don't count) or you will suffer.
I wasn't saying that ALL real steel guys were like that. I was just saying that in my experience generally anyone who has a problem with it happened to be an RS guy. They also happened to be just above minimum wage college-dropout douchebags, so there was that correlation too.

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