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Thanks you very much guys for all your comments/advices, you 've responded quickly and correctly to my questions!

MatthewRyan Yes it helps, so many players don't use their "common sense"

Hectic I din't know it existed a certification system to the snipers.
-Don't worry about the 10 joules it was a comparison with paintball.
-The 10 meters was about the MED's
-For the Version 0.9.5 I will may be add FPS tables by country.

K3vX C'est avec un grand plaisir que j'aimerais utiliser tes services de traduction. Je t'enverrais un mp pour les prochaines.

Towe1ey The English version will be available in few days!

That's a pleasure to see people really interested, if you think it lack of something, tell me.
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