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Nobody gives a crap on how i would spend my money.

Started doing this as physio.. which got the seal of approval from my retired RN mother. Dad at the time understood fine.. he had a fine history of big boys toys. I just regret that i wasn't able to bring him out to a game.

The people at work weren't impressed .. but not to be surprised since i'm the lone redneck in a sea of social service socialist types. "Fight club with bb guns, eww!".

Girlfriend/SO/SWMBO? Feggedaboutit. Unless you are lucky, having one of those will generally preclude heavy involvement in man-sports. If you are unlucky, you will get one that prioritizes her Imelda Marcos shoe collection, over any luxuries that you may have beyond an occasional 6-pack. I like life just too much for that, so far.
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